At Dads Unlimited not only will we be acting as your critical friend, offering you advice and suggestions to help you achieve success following your family breakdown; but we will also support you in a number of ways.

We believe that family breakdown is one of the most stressful times in your life, and is especially so when you have children.

Therefore alongside the difficulties of separation, we believe that two things are very important; Your Emotional Health, and your Mental Health.

At Dads Unlimited, if you seek us out, we promise to cradle you so that you will always feel supported, and we will never judge you.

We will support you whenever you need to ‘just get something off your chest’ or you have had a really bad ‘handover’ situation and you either feel very sad or just annoyed; or are the victim of a physical or an emotional altercation.

Maybe you miss your children after you’ve handed them over to their Mother – and you just need to talk.

Well now you can – because we will always listen to you, and be that shoulder that will understand what you are going through, and try to help you make sense of it all.

Add to this, if your separation becomes or is already acrimonious or hostile; or you are feeling lonely, or that no-one understands – then your mental health may deteriorate. And if you’re employed – your performance at work could suffer.

Therefore it is incumbent on you, and of course your children – that not only is your physical health important – but your Mental Health is crucial.

And so at Dads Unlimited, we are able to provide you with your very own Counsellor – who will see you immediately. There are no waiting lists or delays if you need help.

And if you are on a low income, we operate a means tested, graduated fee scheme – so that no matter who you are or whatever the size of your purse – you will never be at a disadvantage.

Dads Unlimited is THE only charitable organisation to offer this service.

And this is what we mean by support.

Unlimited Support to help you succeed after family breakdown.