One-to-one Mentoring

One-to-one Mentoring is our core service where separated parents are assigned a Mentor to work with them on an ongoing basis to help them understand their options and to navigate those options towards achieving the best possible outcomes for their children. Find out more.


DU operates a free helpline, Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 4.30 pm. Call 01233 680150.

Co-parenting Programme

The Co-Parenting Programme is an early-intervention programme which seeks to reduce parental conflict by teaching the appropriate communication behaviours and skills to achieve a positive co-parenting environment with a focus on the children, how to ensure that the needs of the child are being met, and how each parent must recognise their responsibility for this. Find out more.

Co-parenting Workshop

The 5 Steps to Co-parenting Success! Workshop is a 3-hour live session working with groups of 8 separated parents to help them understand how best to avoid conflict through the creation of a Co-parenting Framework based on DU’s experience of working on over 900 cases. Find out more.


Pastoral Support

Dads Unlimited provides additional support around parenting and support to help you implement the agreed framework or court order at the end of your mentoring period. Find out more.

Agency Liaison Support

During the course of your Mentoring with Dads Unlimited you may need additional support around contact schools, healthcare providers, Social Services, and other third party agencies. Our Pastoral team can help you with your written communications or in knowing who to speak to. Find out more.

Mental Health Support

Mental Health Support

When you go through a family separation or relationship breakdown – it can be a very stressful and difficult time. Dads Unlimited provides Mental Health support through a team of counsellors who work on a one-to-one basis with clients and also provide therapeutic support for our support groups. Find out more.


We have a team of counsellors who provide low-cost counselling to registered clients with Dads Unlimited. Find out more.

Mental Health Workshops

Still to come! DU will be running group workshops around reducing anxiety, PTSD, isolation, trauma, and behaviour.

Court Support

Family Court Support

If you are a Litigant in Person (this means that you don’t have a Solicitor working for you), then our Court Support team can help you to identify what court paperwork is required and then to help you format and submit the paperwork in the correct manner. Find out more.

Barrister Representation Service

DU helps clients to prepare for hearings and to prepare court paperwork; instructs barristers; and acts as the contact between clients and the court; ensures that clients submit the correct paperwork on time; helps them with scanning, printing, and submissions by email; and checks that they have paid any necessary court fees. Find out more.

Community Activities

Combined with our drive to get Dads to start to open up, talk about their problems, deal with their Mental Health issues, combat their loneliness; at Dads Unlimited we want to build a community of Dads who can be there for each other.

Support Group Meetings

We currently hold Monthly Support Group Meetings, where we also have our own dedicated Counsellor to encourage positive peer support from within our group of Dads. Find out more.

Community Events

We run a range of community events for separated Dads on their own and also events for separated Dads and their Children. Find out more.

Buddy Scheme

We are introducing a ‘Buddy’ system to partner up Dads who have been through a painful divorce and got out the other side, with a new Dad who is going through something painful now. Find out more.