At Dads Unlimited we are very aware of the lack of services that either cater for Single Dads who are Primary or Non-Primary Carers.

Not only that but, as we have identified, the population of Dads who are now Main Carers for their children has risen by 137% in just 3 years; and we now equate to 14% of the Single Parent Population.

However, the Single Dad community is still either very patchy, or nonexistent.

Combined with our drive to get Dads to start to open up, talk about their problems, deal with their Mental Health issues, combat their loneliness; at Dads Unlimited we want to build a community of Dads who can be there for each other.

The problem, as we see it, is that we, Men, are generally not the greatest at opening up about our feelings. As has been said, ‘Men can often feel isolated and unable to tell people how they are feeling – a culture of Men shouldering pain alone has developed’.

And do you know what – we think that is spot on.

We allow ourselves to carry the burden alone – and because of this so much can happen to us that is all preventable. We may become depressed, we may become hopeless, we begin to feel useless, we become lonely – we corner ourselves to thinking we are unloved and unloveable.

And so at Dads Unlimited our raison d’être is to bring Dads (Men) together – to build a community – and turn this tide around.

We currently hold Monthly Support Group Meetings, we have our own dedicated Counsellor, we are introducing a ‘Buddy’ system to partner up Dads who have been through a painful divorce and got out the other side, with a new Dad who is going through something painful now; we will be introducing Cooking Classes as well – and our hope is that this community of Dads will bring about a change in society, that will challenge the current societal and attitudinal barriers that we currently face.

Dads have changed, and we at Dads Unlimited recognise this, and so we are re-defining fatherhood for the 21st Century.

Why don’t you join us – because ‘We are the change that we have been waiting for!’