As we are a new organisation and we promote the values of equality, diversity, dignity and respect we, unfortunately, cannot assist anyone with a DVPO, conviction, caution, reprimand, or any warnings; spent or otherwise, for assault, harassment, and/or abuse.

We do not assist Perpetrators. If you are hurting someone, and you want help in stopping, please contact Respect on 0808 802 4040 or visit their website

We can assist if you have only allegations against you. However, should you be found to be guilty, or have facts found against you, then again, unfortunately, we will not be able to assist you any further.

As we work with numerous partner organisations, should the information be identified that you have been found guilty of perpetrating domestic abuse;  we will formally cease support in writing, and we will, in appropriate circumstances, signpost you to other services that might be able to support your needs.

We take this stance in order to protect all of the people we are trying to help and their families. We also take the strong view that no matter how difficult or frustrating your challenge; the right, if not only, way to solve your situation is always through constructive and intelligent dialogue.

We appreciate your understanding in advance of your cooperation on this matter.

We reserve the right to withdraw our service(s) when we believe that support would not further the interests of the children or other adults. Our mentoring agreement is attached below.

These criteria were reviewed on 5 July 2021. Next Review 1 July 2022.