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Family Separation Support

One-to-one Mentoring

Mentoring is a one-to-one support service where a trained member of our Mentoring team will work with a Dad to listen to them, understand their current situation, help them to co-create an achievable goal, and then to support them with understanding their options of how to achieve that goal.

The Mentor’s role is to help the Dad to navigate family separation and understand a child-centric approach to communications and child arrangements following a family relationship breakdown. The Mentor helps the Dad to understand what positive co-parenting can look like when applied to their specific circumstances.

Once you open a mentoring ‘case’ with us, you are then able to contact your Mentor via email and telephone to ask questions and to seek support. They will then support you with a future-focused approach that is working towards that future goal with you and your child’s welfare in mind.

Dads Unlimited’s mentoring service is available to separated parents and guardians who need advice and support with regards to separation, child arrangements, and co-parenting.

All of our mentors abide by our mentoring standards.

Mentoring Support is provided under the terms of our mentoring agreement and is subject to our assistance criteria.


Our helpline operates Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm and takes you through to one of our Mentors who can register you, give you some initial advice, and then work with you on an ongoing basis for as long as it takes to support you to reach a resolution.

Separation Clinic

The Separation Clinic is an opportunity for local Dads going through family separation to meet with one of our trained mentors in a face-to-face environment whereby we can provide a trauma-informed, whole-needs assessment to help us provide them with person-centred support in reaching the co-created goal that we develop with them. It gives us the opportunity to build a supportive relationship and to go through their paperwork with them, helping them to understand and play an active part in a process that can be terrifying and complicated all at once. It enables us to provide a holistic approach that supports their mental wellbeing and other needs whilst also focusing on the practical steps needed to meet their personal challenges.

The Separation Clinic runs in Ashford, Kent, every 2 weeks on a Wednesday morning. To book a 40-minute appointment, please speak to our mentoring team.

GSK IMPACT Awards 2022 winner
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Can't speak highly enough of Dads Unlimited they saved me from ruin and will always hold a place in my heart.....a truly wonderful group of individuals who will help your cause I am sure! ❤😁
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If you're a father or a mother and need help, you found the right place. Don't feel lonely Dads Unlimited are here to help you. They did to me.
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You're very special. You have supported me unconditionally! You're amazing, never unavailable for me. You listened... Yes listened.. But understood

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