The standards of conduct, performance and ethics our mentors must keep to:

  1. We must act in the best interests of service users
  2. We must maintain high standards of assessment and practice
  3. We must respect the confidentiality of service users
  4. We must keep high standards of personal conduct
  5. We must provide (to us and relevant regulators and/or professional
    bodies) any important information about our conduct and competence
  6. We must keep our knowledge and skills up to date
  7. We must act within the limits of our knowledge, skills and experience
    and, if necessary, refer the matter to another practitioner
  8. We must communicate properly and effectively with service users and
    other practitioners
  9. We must effectively supervise tasks that we have asked other people to carry out
  10. We must get informed consent to take action (except in an emergency)
  11. We must keep accurate records
  12. We must deal fairly and safely with the risks of danger
  13. We must limit our work or stop mentoring if our performance or
    judgement is affected by our health
  14. We must behave with honesty and integrity and make sure that
    our behaviour does not damage the public’s confidence in us or
    our charity
  15. We must make sure that any communications we make are accurate