Call DAVE 01233 680160 or visit Domestic Abuse Victim Empowerment.  

Save DAVE is a Domestic Abuse Victim Empowerment service providing confidential advice, impartial support, and advocacy for male victims of domestic abuse in Kent and Medway. 

The Male Victim Domestic Abuse Service for Kent and Medway is a bespoke support service for male victims of domestic abuse and domestic violence including psychological, physical, sexual, financial, emotional abuse and also coercive and controlling behaviour. 

We support all men; with and without children.

At DU we take male victims of Domestic Abuse seriously by providing confidential, impartial support.  We are passionate about supporting all men (not just dads) regardless of sexual orientation, age, disability, ethnicity or religion. 

Here’s how we will help you:

Once you have registered with DAVE (either by completing the online form or by calling the support line on 01233 680160): 

  • Your personal Independent Domestic Abuse advisor (IDVA) will listen to what is happening, they will believe what you are saying and will help identify what support is needed over the coming months. 
  • Once we understand your situation, we will work with you to produce a personal safety plan and provide emotional and practical support. 
  • We will work with other professionals (e.g., police) and address any housing needs. 
  • We will support you through the criminal, civil and family courts. 
  • You will be invited to attend voluntary group sessions to meet other male victims of domestic abuse with similar experiences.  

Remember:  You are not alone … It is not your fault … there is no excuse for abuse 

 Not sure if you are a victim of Domestic Abuse – do you recognise any of these? 

  • Do you feel you can’t be yourself anymore?
  • Do you often feel humiliated or belittled by what your partner says? 
  • Are you made to feel isolated from family and friends? 
  • Are you living in fear of your partner?
  • Have you been physically abused?

Has someone you love, said to you… 

  • ‘You will never see your children’
  • ‘I will tell everyone you are gay’ 
  • ‘I will make your children hate you’ 
  • ‘You are not a real man, you disgust me’ 

Sound familiar?  Then call DAVE in confidence and let’s see how we can support you. 

Our service is a specialist service for male victims in Kent and Medway only – if you are female and in need of support, visit the Domestic Abuse support service website or call Victim Support on 0808 168 9111. 

If you are in immediate danger, call the police on 999. 

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