In 2013 I began my journey into a world which, and I didn’t know it at the time, would transform the rest of my life. I was a Single Dad who saw his son one night in the week and most weekends. Things changed for me a lot, not only was I so used to being in a partnership, but as that had ended – I had to try and find out who I was again.

However sadly, due to some inexplicable and aberrant reasons which were very difficult to deal with, in 2015 my son came to live with me full time. From being a part time Dad – I was now a full-time one. I gave up work and began my new journey into a world I hadn’t really properly experienced until now.

Before, my life consisted of conference calls, meetings, meetings about meetings, getting up early, coming home late, analysing budgets, articulating strategy, tactical negotiations, giving speeches, travel, holding to account, leading teams, holding 1:1’s, shaping visions and values, building organisations, developing policies and processes, operational delivery, working on difficult legal issues and cases, building bridges with communities, and anything else corporate life had to throw at me.

Now it’s all about school runs, cleaning, homework, ironing, washing, sports days, school plays, food shopping, budgeting, entertaining in the holidays, cooking, exercising, learning maths and English again, reading, negotiating, teaching, chauffeuring, answering endless questions and organising play dates. To be honest the list is pretty endless – just when you think you’ve mastered something – along comes something else and the whole thing starts again. I’ve never been so tired.

But that’s not always how it was.

When I started down this path – I looked everywhere for advice, for help and for support – or for just someone saying I was doing alright. But I didn’t find anything or anyone. And especially not another Dad in my exact position. So I literally made things up as I went along, or asked a few Mums who I knew would help me out.  But I really wanted to meet someone else who would help and understand. There were good days and bad, but as I was told – just try to be ‘good enough’.

And because I couldn’t find anything – that’s how Dads Unlimited was born. Out of necessity. We are not anti-women or anti-mothers. We are only Pro-Dad.

Absolutely crucial to this, and what you also may not know is that according to the Office of National Statistics – the number of men who are now Primary Carers for their children has risen by almost 137% in 3 years from 2013. In fact, that number is now 406,000 Single Dads, which represents 14% of the Single Parent population.

With this rapid rise and if this pace continues, we will have parity between the sexes in less than 30 years.

There is currently a vacuum, with no one trying to appropriately fill it.

But now there is. Dads Unlimited.

Because as Dads – we are growing the Women and Men of the future – and we’re doing it well, but we could do it better.

It’s the best job I’ve ever had – one that never thanks you – but always rewards you.

And now we need to help you.

Nav, Founder