During the outbreak of Covid-19, we have held a number of virtual events but now we are pleased to be in a position to be able to see you all in person. In line with Government guidelines, we are now organising some outdoor events and activities and will be up and running by the end of July. Please watch this space for up to date information or otherwise sign up to our emails to receive notifications here.

Dad’s Cafe – Repton Connect Community Centre Gardens

7 – 9 pm Friday 31st July

Weather permitting, we will be back running our regular Dads’ Cafe.

Set within the enclosed private access grounds of Repton’s Community Centres Gardens, we will have small groups of up to 6 people including one of our mentors to chat freely about your given situation and provide peer support and guidance. It’s a great opportunity to sit amongst like minded parents that are going through similar struggles around separation and or child access and to seek comfort in knowing that there are others that understand what you are going through.

You will find us by coming to Repton Community centres car parking area and a representative will be by the Community Garden gates.

Please only attend if you aren’t experiencing any Covid related symptoms. Hand sanitisers and disposable face masks will be available on site. Dads Unlimited washable face masks will be available to purchase and all proceeds will go directly back into the charity.

Our community events are all hosted by Dads Unlimited and are part/ fully subsidised by the National Lottery Community Trust.

Strong Body, Strong Mind – Outdoor circuit training with fitness instructor – Adam Lott

Coming soon!

Virtual Dad’s Cafe with Escape Room

Friday 26th June 7pm – 8.30pm

Relaxed and informal for single/ separated dads, you can meet new people going through similar situations and you’ll have the opportunity to talk privately to a Dads Unlimited mentor, should you wish. Otherwise, you are welcome to just join us for a bit of down time and a fun Escape Room session called ‘The Pegasus Project’ Anyone attending needs to click on the Zoom link to join. If you could email frances@dadsunltd.org.uk if you intend to join the Escape room and she will make sure there is enough games in place for the session. Look forward to seeing you there! https://zoom.us/j/99927180162

The Supervillains Liar – Virtual Escape Room

Saturday 23rd May 9.45am – 11am

Brought to you by Dads Unlimited and funded through the National Lottery, we are pleased to announce that we are back with our community events albeit with a twist. After the unfortunate cancellation of our events due to Covid-19, we are now bringing virtual events to our single/separated parent families and this will be the first of many. 

For this session, you can join in, with or without your chidren and tickets are free of charge but need to be secured through confirming your place on Eventbrite. Please do not book unless you are fully intending to participate as someone else would otherwise been able to benefit from your ticket. 

Please book one ticket per household. You will receive confirmation via Eventbrite and will then receive additional instructions via email from Frances at Dads Unlimited regarding login details and how to join the group. Please be sure to check your email from Frances at Dads Unlimited in advance of the day for detailed instructions so that you are ready to join in. 


What’s the theme?

The Supervillians Liar

“Not long ago, crime was rife in your city. Scammers roamed the streets during the day, and gangs did the same at night. Regular citizens feared for their lives whenever they set foot outside their front doors.

Then came the heroes. They swooped in and did what any good hero should: they cleaned up this town. They took out the crooks; they made people feel safe again. Of course, with any instance of heroes, there comes a maniacal villain or two, but they only target the heroes themselves, not civilians.”

We are really looking forward to this and whether you are new to the group or not, we very much look forward to seeing you all for some much needed fun. 

See you soon.


Film Club – Onward

Saturday 21st March – 3pm – CANCELLED

Dads Unlimited Film Club gives single/ separated parents and their children a chance to come and watch a new release movie from only £2.50.

This months family film will be the new release of ‘Onward’

Anyone wanting to attend, this is for single/separated mums and dads/ co-parents and their children only.

To request your subsidised tickets, please book your places now through Eventbrite so that we can book up the appropriate amount of seats for the movie showing. There will be up to 20 tickets available so please book now to avoid disappointment.



Storm Whale- Kids book play adaption – Marlowe Studio

Saturday 11th April 2020 2pm – CANCELLED

For single parents/co-parents and their children, we have managed to secure subsidised tickets for £5 per person through our partnership with The Marlowe Theatre and our community funding from the National Lottery.

The Storm Whale – Based on the award winning book by Benji Davies, this new piece of theatre tells the story of Noi, who lives with his Dad and six cats by the sea. One summer, while his Dad was busy at work, Noi rescued a little whale that washed up on the beach. A friendship began that changed their lives forever.

The following winter Noi’s Dad takes one last trip in his fishing boat. Noi is alone once more and longs to see his friend again. He waits and watches, watches and waits… will it take another storm to bring them back together?


Dads Do Hair Dos Too!

Monday 27th April 6-8pm – Dyson Brown Hair Salon – CANCELLED

Does your daughter ever complain about your lack of hair styling skills? Would you like to do more than a basic pony tail or make a tidier plait? Well, this is your chance to change all that!

For single parent dads, Dads Unlimited have organised an event, courtesy of the team at Dyson Brown hair salon. This relaxed and informal 2 hour interactive session will be a good experience of learning how to do a french plait, dutch plait and fish tail and even a polished pony tail. Dyson Brown are also providing a goodies bag with hair ties and clips to take home.

Please feel free to bring your daughter with you or should your daughter not be available, you will be able to test out your new skills on one of the head blocks at the salon. 

Free tickets can be booked subject to availability up until 18th April. 


Clip n Climb- Dover Leisure Centre- Whitfield

Saturday 16th May 2020 11am – 12.30 – CANCELLED

One of our most popular activities that we host so we’re back for more. 

For single/ separated parent mums, dads and their children, this will be the 4th time that we have been to Clip n Climb and it’s such a fun session for adults and kids alike. 

Hosted by Dads Unlimited and funded by the National Lottery, we are meeting up at 11am on Saturday 16th May at the new Dover Leisure Centre for a fun packed climbing session.

We have booked out the facility and this takes up to 20 people, of which we can offer places for just £2.50 per person so if you’d like to join us, please book your tickets now. Minimum age is 4 years plus. The tickets will be available on a first come, first serve basis. If you are not climbing as an adult, please only book the child ticket but of course, we would love you to join in too. 


Should you want to fundraise or volunteer for Dads Unlimited, please email frances@dadsunltd.org.uk for ideas and for further information.

All paid for tickets are refundable up to 7 days before the event, less the Eventbrite admin fee to cancel.