Family Court Support

If you are a Litigant in Person (this means that you don’t have a Solicitor working for you), then our Court Support team can help you to identify what court paperwork is required and then to help you format and submit the paperwork in the correct manner.

Barrister Representation Service

The complexity of the Family Court system has brought many Dads to the brink of despair. DU’s unique family court support and barrister representation service has been made possible because DU is able to instruct barristers.

DU has managed to recruit more than 65 barristers in 7 chambers who provide services to DU clients at a low-cost fixed price. DU helps clients to prepare for hearings and to prepare court paperwork; instructs the barristers; acts as the contact between clients and the court; ensures that clients submit the correct paperwork on time; helps them with scanning, printing, and submissions by email; and checks that they have paid any necessary court fees.