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Vision, Mission, and Outcomes


  • Men and those they care about feel safe and have emotional support


  • Across all services:
    • Use an evidence-based, trauma-informed, person-centred approach
    • Challenge attitudinal and societal barriers to meaningful fatherhood and positive masculinity
  • Family Separation: Support the wellbeing of Dads through family breakdown
    • By mentoring them; one-to-one personal advice
    • By supporting their mental health and wellbeing
    • By helping them to achieve a positive ongoing relationship with their children
    • By improving co-parenting relationships
    • By reducing parental conflict
  • DAVE: Support male-victims of domestic abuse:
    • Through safety planning
    • Through the provision of an IDVA service; one-to-one personal advice
    • By supporting their mental health and wellbeing


  • Core Outcomes:
    • Your wellbeing is improved
    • You are more optimistic about the future
    • Your suicidal thoughts have decreased or stopped
    • You are more informed and empowered and can live more independently 
    • Your support networks have improved
    • You know where to seek future/additional support
    • You feel that support was person-centred and that they were involved in decisions
    • You would recommend us to a friend or family member
  • Additional Family Separation Support Outcomes
    • Your contact quality is improved
    • Your Parental conflict is reduced
    • Your Co-parenting is improved
  • Additional Co-parenting Programme Outcomes
    • You are better able to recognise parental conflict
    • You are better able to be sensitive to the child’s needs and to improve co-parenting
    • You are aware of alternatives to judicial resolution
  • Additional DAVE (Male-victim Domestic Abuse) Support Outcomes
    • Your situation has improved
    • You feel less frightened
    • Your safety at home and work has improved
  • Additional Mental Health Outcomes
    • You are better able to manage thoughts and feelings
    • Your harmful behaviour has reduced
    • You have accessed talking therapies
GSK IMPACT Awards 2022 winner
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Can't speak highly enough of Dads Unlimited they saved me from ruin and will always hold a place in my heart.....a truly wonderful group of individuals who will help your cause I am sure! ❤😁
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If you're a father or a mother and need help, you found the right place. Don't feel lonely Dads Unlimited are here to help you. They did to me.
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You're very special. You have supported me unconditionally! You're amazing, never unavailable for me. You listened... Yes listened.. But understood

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