Trustee Board

  • Suzie – Chair of Trustees
  • Adam – Trustee
  • Kate – Trustee
  • Kim – Trustee
  • Mark – Trustee

Senior Management Team

  • Nav – Chief Executive
  • Tristan – Director of Operations
  • Gay – Director of Domestic Abuse Services
  • Adam – Director of Mentoring and Co-Parenting
  • Anya – Director of Court Support
  • Vacant – Director of Mental Health / Clinical Lead
  • Michelle – Director of Development and Outreach

Team Members

  • Anna – Mentor
  • Caroline – Mentor
  • Emily – Mentor
  • Rachel – Mentor
  • Zachary – Independent Domestic Violence Advocate [IDVA]

Counselling Team

  • Celia
  • Chris
  • Marnie
  • Samreen

The Leadership Team at Dads Unlimited adhere to the Nolan Principles in everything we do.

Trustee Board

Suzie – Chair of Trustees

With a career spanning over thirty years in the staffing and recruitment industry, Suzie joined the Board in 2018, and has used her industry knowledge and experience as a successful company Director to guide and support her fellow trustees and provide governance and direction to the Charity.

Suzie is particularly interested in supporting the mental health needs of fathers and is keen to help improve the negative impact that mental health issues can have on the separated family unit.

I am honoured to be a part of Dads Unlimited and I aspire to help as many families as possible.

Adam – Trustee

Adam has lived in Kent for 12 years and been a parent for 17 which includes co-parenting and shared care with respective mothers. His children range from 23 years 3 years old and he is very proud to be called ‘Dad’. 

Professionally he has worked across the NHS in public health teams, leading equality and inclusion and also working in service improvement and transformation locally, regionally and nationally.  He is a qualified coach and mentor, educated to masters degree level in health and care; and has in-depth health and inequalities research experience with LGBT communities.  

Adam has some experience of the legal systems and processes for shared care and understands the effect of family breakdown on children, and parents.

Adam joins the Trustee Board, and is already using his experience as a fitness instructor to raise funds through fitness charity events and hopes to continue throughout the year with spinathons and yogathons. 

Kate – Trustee

Having worked in the field of social work for nearly 20 years Kate has experience of working in Adult Safeguarding and Substance Misuse Teams as both a Practitioner and Team Manager within various London Boroughs.  Her practice includes working with adults who have had their human and civil rights violated due to abuse in its many forms, including sexual, physical, psychological, emotional and financial abuse.

Kate also has personal experience of the impact that separation can cause to a father going through separation and court proceedings.  It is important to her that parental conflict is reduced, ensuring better outcomes for children of separated parents and also to ensure that there is a provision throughout to protect the wellbeing of a father who feels that there is no one out there to support him.

Kate is married and lives with her husband and two sons.

Kim – Trustee

Kim has worked with children, young people and their families for over 20 years within the nursing profession.  Although a paediatric nurse by trade, she now works within the School Public Health Service.  This has given her a wealth of experience, particularly in the safeguarding arena.

Dads Unlimited has been a Charity that she has promoted to families that she as worked with, as well as friends who have required the support and advice needed. Kim is married, and has two daughters.

In her free time she enjoys being part of a choir and a running club, both of which allow her some headspace! 

Mark – Trustee

Mark has 20 years’ experience of working in TV Post production for The Farm Group, based in Soho London. In 2007 he set up a family run Charity called “Heathers Cycle of Life”, which involved a charity bike ride around Kent which has raised over £100k for Cancer Research UK / Bobby Moore Fund.

As a Husband and Father, and having supported friends through their difficult separations, and realising that there is so little support for Dads generally; he couldn’t be more excited to get on board and help with this venture, and bring his TV and Broadcast Media skills and experience on board to make a difference to as many Dads as possible.

Senior Management Team

Nav – Chief Executive

Nav is the founder of Dads Unlimited and a Single Dad. After a fairly tough time with his divorce; and subsequently looking after his son as Primary Carer, he set up Dads Unlimited. He wants to make life easier for Dads in his situation, and provide the advice, support and community he never had. He doesn’t want anyone to have to go through what he had to.

His experience straddles all facets of separation, from Court / Legal proceedings, Police assistance, Social Services, Education/Schools, NHS (Primary Care), and CAFCASS.

Nav brings to Dads Unlimited his vision, his values and a wealth of experience from having helped set up the Independent Police Complaints Commission; Senior positions from the NHS Chief Executive Scheme, as well as a host of strategic, tactical and operational roles from across Central Government, including the House of Commons, House of Lords and the Home Office.

Nav regularly speaks on BBC Radio Kent, the BBC Asian Network, across BBC Local Radio, BBC Radio 5 Live, and Radio Ashford; and has appeared on the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme. He has also written articles for The Independent and The Huffington Post.

Tristan – Director of Operations

Tristan is a dad and primary carer for his daughter. He understands completely how divorce and custody arrangements can be complicated and protracted. His own experience lasted nearly 5 years and was extremely painful and stressful.

His daughter now lives with him full-time and he now has a new partner and step-daughter.

He comes from a business background, having been a director of two business in Kent for the last 25 years. He brings his commercial experience to Dads Unlimited and hopes to help a charity that he is passionate about and believes makes a huge difference.

Adam – Director of Mentoring and Co-Parenting

Adam has lived in Kent for 20 years and has two children which he co-parents with his ex-wife.

He is the Director of Mentoring and Co-parenting for Dads Unlimited and triages all new clients for One:One Mentoring. Adam runs our Co-parenting Programme ‘5 Steps to Co-parenting Success!’.

Ex Senior Consultant for a Sponsorship Consultancy, providing strategic and creative support to some global brands on how to use sponsorship to integrate their marketing, sales, and employee engagement activities.

Adam is also a former Director of a local Mind – the mental health charity locally affiliated with Mind, the national charity.

Anya – Director of Court Support

Anna is qualified lawyer from Russia, where she grew up and worked. She has been living in the UK since 2006; and has experience working in commercial property lettings, assets management and the energy sector.

Through personal experience, Anna understands the impact of family breakdown, and would like to make a practical difference to people, and provide support to those needing help with separation, divorce and adjustment to a new life as smoothly as possible. Anna’s great passion is to help people and is proud to be a part of the Dads Unlimited team.

Anna is married with 2 children.

Gay – Director of Domestic Abuse Services

Bio – to follow.

Vacant – Director of Mental Health

To follow

Team Members

Anna – Mentor

Recently joining Dads Unlimited in June 2021, Anna has taken on several clients and feels proud to be able to support and guide them through the uncertain times they are facing. 

Anna has supported friends and family who have gone through family breakdown and separation. Providing advice and reassurance to help them through extremely difficult times.

Working for Kent Police in the control room, answering 999 and non-emergency calls, dealing with conflict and complex situations, Anna has learnt numerous skills in order to be resilient and empathic in her approach.

Anna has lived in Kent all her life, working in customer care for over 20 years. With a 9-year-old daughter and recently engaged, she brings her own life experiences into the role. She sees how the importance of having a healthy co-parenting relationship is in the best interest of her child.

Being able to participate in Mental Health training to help alleviate the challenges that people face, Anna is very proud to be a part of a dedicated team at Dads Unlimited.

Emily – Mentor

Bio to follow.

Zachary – Independent Domestic Violence Advocate [IDVA]

Bio to follow.

Caroline – Mentor

Caroline has 30 years’ experience of Client Management and Conflict Resolution; and has worked both internationally and throughout the UK.

She has committed to offer practical advice and guidance on the issues around separation and access to children.

Great care is required to deescalate the tensions, pain and hurt of a family breakdown. Rebuilding family relationships can be achieved by the support of the community.

Her values and community experiences coupled with a wealth of family experiences root Caroline in a belief that through reaching out for assistance and consensus, a foundation can be secured for separating[ed] families to start the work of restoration.

In joining Dads Unlimited in June 2020, Caroline was totally blown away and continues to be so, at the team’s innovative approach to the work in hand, the vision, the depths of expertise, and the affirmation from wider stakeholders. She is incredibly proud to be part of the DU team and sees our work as vital in contributing to developing improvements in processes, resources and outcomes which mitigate against further harm and misery to children of separated parents and their parents.