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At Dads Unlimited we pride ourselves on offering unbiased and independent advice tailored to your individual situation.

Whether you are taking your first steps on separating or divorcing, we can assist you through the minefield of all the issues which need to be resolved. Undoubtedly if you are married, the issues will be around 3 main areas:

  1. The Process of Divorce. This is not applicable if you are not legally married;
  2. The Financial implications of separation;
  3. The Arrangements for your child/children.

Whilst we do not offer legal advice, we can help you make sense of all of the things you need to consider, and if need be we can refer you to The Family Law Panel, and should you require it an Independent Financial Advisor.

Some Dads that have come to us have asked for a more bespoke service, because they have decided that they will be representing themselves as a Litigant in Person; and as such we can provide you with the relevant Court Forms, as well as significant advice from experienced members of Dads Unlimited who can explain the process to you.

We can also assist you with drafting forms, letters and/or try to facilitate contact with your children by writing to your former partner to act as a go-between to help you resolve your difficulties.

We believe we offer some of the best strategic and tactical advice in relation to your divorce/separation and/or access to your children, because we have firsthand experience of what you are going through, and our dealings with you will always be rooted in compassion and empathy. We can also work alongside your chosen Solicitor / Barrister; and we can even attend Court with you for Moral Support – if you are represented or are a Litigant in Person.

At the end of the day, we want what’s best for your children – the same as you, and everyone else involved. We believe in strong, positive, relationships between a father and his children and all our advice will stem from that.