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Read this if you have ever felt alone

This is for you.  If you have ever felt alone, depressed, suicidal, lost, scared, worthless, abandoned, or anything of that nature.

You Are Beautiful. You Are Wanted. You Are Wonderful. Don’t quit on yourself. Don’t hurt yourself. You are worth the world, and nobody wants to see you suffering. This is not the end. The way you feel right now will pass. People’s minds will change.  

Things WILL get better.  

We love you, and are always here for you.  

Do NOT do something permanent over something temporary. You’re better than that.  

All stars need to see darkness before the light. And always remember – Don’t change so people will like you. Be yourself and the right people will find and love the real you.  

Surround yourself with people who value you; who can see you, who appreciate you.  

Because You Matter!   

Always know this is true. It helps. 

You are worth my time to write this. I do care. Continue on. Be a soldier. Fight that war.  

Because YOU can. I believe in you. I’m rooting for you! 



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