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Dads Unlimited are celebrating their 4th anniversary this year.

Trouble in a marriage or important relationship is the single thing most likely to make someone depressed. Depression is more common and more severe in men who are divorced. This may be because, as well as losing their main relationship they often lose touch with their children, they may have to move to live in a different place and they often find themselves short of money. Depression and men | Royal College of Psychiatrists (rcpsych.ac.uk) 

From an initial idea and a support group Facebook page, to a chance meeting at a barbeque with two separated dads and a subsequent coffee at a garden centre.  Who’d have thought that two men having a coffee would result in our fantastic charity being what it is today.

So let’s back that up with some stats from the last 4 years and the reason we’re celebrating.

Opened Cases – 1136

Resolved cases – 803

Youngest Client – 18

Oldest Client – 81 

Average age of Clients – 39

207 parents supported by delivering 25 co-parenting programs

135 men diverted from suicidal ideation.

153 male victims of domestic abuse supported

We have indirectly supported approximately 2,204 children from separated parents.

Although Kent based and location centric DU have supported Clients from Penzance to Newcastle upon Tyne and someone from pretty much every county in between.

Over 6,100 hours in mentoring support given in the year 2020/2021 so far

DU also underwent a thorough evaluation by Julia Kaufmann O.B.E. on behalf of the National Lottery from September – December last year, as a result of the National Lottery identifying us as a Charity that had experienced exponential growth. A short quote from our evaluation demonstrates her findings.

DU appears to have an excellent reputation, being held in high regard by clients and referring agencies alike. The care and support offered by staff and their attention to detail has been consistently remarked upon by interviewees. DU’s free family court mentoring and support and its cut-price barrister service are unique in their field. Overall, this is a much needed and highly effective support charity for men… The misery, depression, and frustration expressed by clients, or potential clients of DU, represents a very vulnerable group of men who don’t know where to turn. DU has established an excellent reputation in just 3 years for turning things around for these dads, for reducing parental conflict, and for promoting positive parenting.” 

Julia Kaufmann O.B.E.

Enough said? Please carry on supporting our Charity and keep telling people about what we do..it improves lives, saves lives and helps give children the loving, supportive parents and balanced family life they deserve. 

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