Happy Birthday!

We are 2 years old today; and so we thought we’d take a moment to look at what we have achieved in this short time.

We have helped over 260 children in trying to improve their outcomes and help their parents achieve a respectful co-parenting relationship.

We have improved the mental health of our clients by an average of 13% based on the Warwick Edinburgh Mental Health Scale.

We have moved 98 dads from a position of having suicidal thoughts to no longer having those inclinations.

Our monthly Dads Café is attended by an average of 14 men per month.

We have gone from 2 people – to a team of 13, and growing!

We have 10 Barristers who support our clients across Kent and London; who understand the importance of improving the mental health and well-being of those engaged in family breakdown.

We receive an average of 68 calls per month to our help-line; averaging 254 minutes a month.

We receive an average of 22 new cases per month.

We have received much needed funding from Kent’s Police & Crime Commissioner; Kent County Council; Ashford Borough Council; Kent Community Foundation; The Lawson Endowment Trust; the National Lottery; Wards Estate Agents; and of course our beloved donors from the general public.

So thank you to all of you, who have been instrumental in our growth, and in helping us to continue doing what we do best – trying to improve outcomes for children of separated parents.

Thank you!

Happy 2nd Birthday Dads Unlimited