Not all Dads get to care for their children on a Sunday night, and alongside that common feeling of Monday Morning blues, Sunday evenings can bring a sense of silence and isolation that can be hard to deal with.

It’s always important to practice self care – looking after yourself; your physical and mental wellbeing. It’s vital to ensure that you are ok before you are in a position to care for others, to love a new partner, and to provide the best possible outcomes for your children.

As the adage says, “You can’t pour from an empty cup”

If you are one of the Dads who is fortunate enough to spend time with their children over a weekend but then unfortunately has to say goodbye to them on a Sunday afternoon – then it’s a really good idea for you to plan ahead and make sure that you have some activity or purpose to your Sunday evening that will occupy your mind and keep and sadness at bay.

Heading to the gym is a great way to release positive endorphins, improve your body and your mind all in one go. And it doesn’t have to be the gym – being active in any way can improve your mental health and even more so when you become part of a group or team that brings its own positive community.

Heading to the cinema is a great way to be entertained, keep your mind busy (or relaxed) and can be something to look forward to. Pick the films carefully though and steer clear of the rom-coms if you are feeling delicate.

If you are out to improve your own outcomes too, then why not make Sunday night, study night – and sign up to a low-cost online course with Udemy and learn a new skill, improve your work prospects, or prepare to launch that new business you’ve always wanted to.

Meet up with friends, grab a bite to eat together (steer clear of alcohol if you do feel down as this will only make those feelings worse) or maybe have that weekly telephone catchup with your own parents… if your mum is like mine then that should occupy a few hours 🙂

However you want to spend that quiet time on a Sunday evening is up to you – but why not make it an indulgent time for you. Improve your body and your mind, get ready for the week ahead, make it your time to which you look forward.