We at Dads Unlimited believe that labelling what’s happened, or how you feel, is not always helpful as it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy; whereby your behaviour changes once you have been labelled, or other people’s attitude towards you becomes isolating or unsupportive – just when you would appreciate receiving support the most.

However, we also believe that for other people, identifying what they have been/are going through, can be hugely helpful as it opens up tools and services available to them to help.

We also believe that help should be person-centric, and an integrated (a.k.a. holistic) approach. Treating one issue in isolation from the whole can make quick progress in one area – but risks causing imbalance elsewhere.

But whatever you believe, and whatever the truth is for you, we know that you are most likely here to find advice, support and community around a specific issue – the trigger issue as we refer to it… the cause you’re seeking out help and support for.

So start here, start with reading one of the pages listed below, but know that the best place to start is to contact us. We can then refer you to the best professional support to address both your trigger issue and the whole.