When you go through a divorce/separation – it can be a very stressful and difficult time.

Not only is your family breaking up – it can also feel like the death of all your hopes, dreams and joint aspirations – regardless of who has initiated it.

As well as that – something deeper happens to you, which doesn’t really come to light until much later.

As your head hits that pillow for the first time after your separation, 3 things go through your mind:

  1. The thought that – once I was an ‘I’; I then became ‘We’, ‘Us’, ‘Our’; and now I am back to an ‘I’. And so begins an identity crisis.
  2. As mentioned above, all of your hopes, your dreams, your combined aspirations and plans are left shattered and strewn all over the ground. A boulevard of broken dreams. And as you metaphorically get back up and start to walk around, you can’t help but cut your feet on the glass. A bloody reminder of all that you have lost.
  3. If your children are not living with you, or you have not seen them for a while – their silence is deafening.

These 3 things, when left unchecked and uncared for – can usually lead you down a path of clinical depression, anxiety, stress and in the worst of cases, attempts of self-harming or suicidal thoughts.

And by self-harming, we don’t simply mean visible physical damage – we mean behaviours that lie just beneath the surface, for example maybe just drinking a bit more than usual, having unprotected or risky sexual relations, or even relying on recreational or illegal drugs – just to get you through. In other words medicating your sadness.

Add to this, if your separation becomes acrimonious or hostile – then your mental health will rapidly deteriorate. And if you’re employed – your performance at work could suffer.

Therefore it is incumbent on you, and of course your children – that not only is your physical health and diet/nutrition important – but above all – your Mental Health is crucial.

And so at Dads Unlimited, we are able to provide you with your very own Counsellor – who will see you immediately. There are no waiting lists or delays if you need help.

And if you are on a low income, we operate a means tested, graduated fee scheme – so that no matter who you are or whatever the size of your purse – you will never be at a disadvantage.

Dads Unlimited is THE only charitable organisation to offer this service.

So what are you waiting for – get in touch – our Counsellor can see you now.