With the fallout of Covid-19, we have seen a surge in the deterioration of the mental health in a significant number of our clients, particularly when it has meant that court dates have been postponed or cancelled with separated parents not having access to their own children. This has exacerbated feelings of isolation and loneliness and having to deal with added financial pressures that reduced Furlough pay, unemployment and or lack of trade brings, it is just adding to the overall anxieties and depression of our clients.

At Dads Unlimited, we believe that everyones’ road to recovery varies in time and so this is why we don’t put a cap on our mental health counselling service. As long as you need us, we are there for you.

Please help us by fundraising or make a donation so that we can continue to provide essential counselling services and support group meetings to our vulnerable clients and together, we can help bring down the rate of male suicide.

Here’s some ideas on how you can help……..

To make a one off or monthly donation, please click on the link: DUTotalgiving

Ideas to fundraise

Whether you do a virtual pub quiz night, sponsored run, swimathon, cake sale or climb a mountain, there are so many ways that you can fundraise for us. New for 2020, if you fancy a challenge, why not jump for us? Covering Nationwide locations, please click on the link for more information or to book: DUskydive or email frances for additional info at frances@dadsunltd.org.uk

Create a birthday Fundraiser

If you want to create a birthday fundraiser through Facebook, click on the link: My birthday fundraiser for DU.

Ebay your clutter away

Now is a good opportunity to declutter, and working through your possessions is a chance to remember memories associated with them. 

You can sell your goods and contribute a percentage to Dads Unlimited by clicking on the ebay charity giving link.

Whether you sell on Ebay, or go to a website like Music Magpie, which will give you cash in return for your old CDs and DVDs, you can donate the money you make to Dads Unlimited.

Fundraise while you shop at home

A lot of us find ourselves shopping from home currently – so why not go that step further, and fundraise for Dads Unlimited whilst you shop? With a number of websites giving cash back on your purchases to selected charities, it’s an easy way to raise funds. Try smile.amazon.co.uk or Giveasyoulive where you will find over 4000 retailers, all able to give cash back to Dads Unlimited.

How to fundraise for Dads Unlimited

Please set up a ‘Total Giving’ page online, creating your own charity fundraising page by clicking on the link: https://www.totalgiving.co.uk/fundraise/dads-unlimited

It’s a simply process to set up and one that you’ll be guided through. If you share your post online, don’t forget to tag us so that we can share it with our supporters.

If you need a sponsorship form, please download here. Please pay any cheques to Dads Unlimited and send to Dads Unlimited, Berwick House, 8 Elwick Road, Ashford, Kent, TN23 1PF.

Recent Fundraising Events

The 2.6 Challenge – 26th April 2020

Christmas Big Give Outcome- One donation, Twice the impact.

Success! With online support from individual fundraisers as well as a number of businesses, we managed to smash our target of £6,000, during our ‘Big Give’ Christmas campaign, raising just under £8,000. Thank you so much to all who contributed!


Spinathon at Bannatynes

Ads managed to get together a group of supporters to embark upon a spinathon. There was a real buzz in the room with plenty of emotion and buckets of sweat whilst Ads and his team managed to raise over £400 for Dads Unlimited. Brilliant result. Well done to all who participated and thank you so much for your support.

50 Egg Challenge

Paul took it upon himself to do the 50 egg challenge and he had good turn out of supporters and local press. Paul raised £400 for Dads Unlimited. Well done Paul and a massive thank you from Dads Unlimited.

“I hadn’t seen my children for nearly 3 years as my ex was making wrongful allegations against me that with the help and support of Dads Unlimited, were proven to be unfounded in court and I now have my children back in my life again. I can’t thank Dads Unlimited enough. ” Paul

“Through-out the month of July I decided to run 249km and raise funds for DU. I did not see my son for a gruelling 249 days, and every 1km stood for each of those days. Those 249 days were tough, but would have been even tougher without the amazing support from DU.  I wanted to show my appreciation by raising funds and awareness for such a worthwhile charity. I went out after work every day (even on some of the hottest days of the year), and at weekends, to total my 249km.”

I set myself a target of £750 and in total achieved £834, which I hope will give another parent the same amount of happiness that I have gained through this charity.” Dan

A massive thank you to Dan for his perseverance and commitment throughout July, even tattooing Dads Unlimited logo on his leg, just pure dedication. Fantastic job and we are extremely grateful!

However much you manage to raise for us, big or small, it all goes directly back into our frontline services and it is with the help of you lovely heart felt people, that we can go on to help more separated families.

Thank you so much for your support!