If you’ve suddenly found yourself on your own after years of being part of a team – one of the first things you’re going to discover is that your priorities have also changed.

At first, you may find things, or even life, quite overwhelming or even daunting. But it won’t last – provided you have taken steps to insulate yourself from the hurricane that has probably cast you a drift.

Initially, you are facing the immediate future all on your own, and probably with the added responsibility of taking on wider financial obligations involving your family, like Child Maintenance, Spousal Maintenance etc.

And as a single parent Dad, there are so many things to consider and contemplate, with an endless stream of decisions to be made.

And you have the added frustration of wanting to get you life back on track – quickly.

But please be patient – it will all come together – but you have to take some well thought out decisions and make some plans. One of these plans is your financial situation.

Where before one or possibly two salaries were running one household – that money now needs to stretch across two households. The money will be tight. Or you may just need some help to manage your current situation or need advice on what benefits you can claim and for how long.

This can all be a huge worry, with pit falls everywhere, unless you can find someone or people who can help you. The answer is good financial advice, and that’s where Dads Unlimited can help.

Therefore, we are delighted to inform you that we have secured the assistance of AiMS Financial Ltd to deliver sound financial advice to any of our Dads.

AiMS is an innovative, independent practice of like minded individuals that can help chart the best course through the plethora of financial products in the marketplace.

They offer a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION to all potential new clients to enable them to establish a rapport and common ground.

We at Dads Unlimited are very grateful that AiMS has agreed to work with us, and become our provider for financial advice.

Please contact us for further information and advice.