Dads Unlimited were interviewed on BBC Radio Kent this morning to speak about the issue of men’s mental health – in light of the recent news about the death of Mike Thalassitis.

Dads Unlimited are campaigning tirelessly to raise the issue of men’s mental health problems and suicide prevention and we have our own team of mental health counsellors ready and available to help all of the people who we are working with.

We believe that no-one is immune from the challenges of mental wellbeing, especially when going through separation, divorce, or significant changes in their relationships, child, and living arrangements.

We believe that everyone would benefit from someone independent and non-judgmental to talk to – it doesn’t have to be a counsellor or therapist (although we know some really nice and friendly ones!) – it could just be a mindfulness course or taking some time to look after your mind as you do your body at the gym.

If you need some support, then please register on our contact page and we will provide you with access to advice, support, and a community of parents who have gone through something similar to you and can understand.

Men’s Mental Health: BBC Radio Kent interview