Many of you who attend the Dads Unlimited Support Group Meetings: our ‘Dads’ Cafes’ will probably be familiar (or sick and tired) of hearing about Steven Karpman’s Drama Triangle.

It’s a fantastic concept that comes from his work as a student under Eric Berne (author of Transactional Analysis – another tool we talk about a lot)

It examines how, in a negative relationship, we can easily find ourselves naturally starting off in one of three key positions: The Victim, The Rescuer, or the Persecutor.

Having fallen into one of these three roles, we then find ourselevs migrating around the triangle into one of the other roles – having equally as negative an effect on our relationships.

So how do you escape the trap? How can you learn to have better relationships – whether that is a working relationship with your ex-partner and mother/father of your children, or even a better rleationship in your next intimate relationship going forwards?

Read a further explanation and watch the video on this article on The Drama Triangle that I wrote for Copse Magazine. I hope that you find it useful.

Relationship Advice and The Drama Triangle